The Comfy Sneakers Joanna Gaines Can’t Stop Posting About on Instagram (And Where to Buy Them)

- Daniel Zuchnik / Getty Images Contributor
Daniel Zuchnik / Getty Images Contributor

The Fixer Upper star wore these comfy sneakers for every day of her 21-day fitness challenge.

Between juggling 4 (soon to be 5) kids and running a recently-opened restaurant, Joanna Gaines needs to make sure the shoes she’s wearing on her feet are supportive and dependable.

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At the beginning of 2018, Joanna made an effort to workout every day for 21 days to help form a new healthy habit, and she kept herself accountable by posting on social media about the experience over the next three weeks. Throughout the process she did many workouts, from simple sit-ups to running on the treadmill, but one thing stayed consistent throughout—she wore the same black Nike sneakers to every workout.

Many of her fans commented on social media asking her to reveal what kind of shoes they were, and we were equally interested to know what pair got the Joanna seal of approval. According to People, the sneakers are most likely the Nike Free TR 7 Selfie Training Shoe in black ($100,

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This is not the first time we’ve taken a practical fashion tip from Joanna. Earlier this year we learned that she is also a huge fan of the ultra-comfortable and supportive Hari Mari flip-flops ($75, While $75 might seem steep for sandals, these high-quality shoes will last you for years, and a portion of each purchase is donated to kids battling cancer.


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